Frequently asked questions

Each material has its pro’s and con’s. Laminates tend to generally be cheaper. Durability varies while hardwood gives a unique only it can provide. Vinyl planks are also a great current option.

Hardwood is not a good material for the bathroom due to moisture issues. We suggest either vinyl wood look plank, or tiles.

For basement and condo applications where the subfloor is concrete, we recommend an engineered floor, vinyl, laminate, or tiles. This is due to moisture absorption and dimensional stability.

Yes! We install hardwood stairs and handrails. They can be stained to any colour to match your floor. We also can do iron railings. We can refinish old stairs or convert carpeted ones.

It doesn’t have to be. We have a lot of great options at a lot of different budget points. We can recommend different types of floors for your specific use case (rental, long-term, short-term, budget, luxury, kids, pets, low maintenance, wear resistant)

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